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I'd push you down on our bed - your
bed, his bed - running hands and mouth over every inch of your body,
hours of pleasure turned torture - this new method of insanity I've
learned. Are you enjoying it? Is it better or worse than previous
tortures I've inflicted on you?

Enthralled by my own responses, I don't resist as you push me onto his bed.
My body is used to this... just not from you.
In a way, this is worse than the most brutal torture of before.

Teasing -
with gentleness you don't expect, with touches that have refined over
the years, with secrets I've learned too; you're not the only scholar
in the family, brother. I just... chose different paths. Every flicker,
every movement enchants you, draws you just another millimetre towards
the edge.

Already enchanted, mind confused by habit of reacting to you...
Incredible sensations, like a drug.
I want more.

Tasting - this is what I missed, what I needed. I was
hungry for you for so long. I swallow you down; you know I never once
cared for society and its prejudices against this act. I've always
loved taking you in my mouth. I do it more for myself than for you. I
do it because for a little while, it makes me feel like I own
everything you are. I can feel your pulse, and you don't talk, but your
body says it all, arching into me.

Watching thru lust-hazed eyes as you take me in your mouth.
Whimpering, arching my hips toward the haven of your mouth.
I have no predjudice against this, it feels too good.

Claiming - pushing into you,
panting against your neck, your legs wrapped around me. All your
muscles quiver beneath me. Now is the time for pain, but even in that I
hold back. I pound into you, but I don't tear you open. I bite your
neck, hard, and you whimper and arch and give me more. Wanton and free,
the way I have always loved you. The way you rarely let yourself be,
nowadays, at least out of bed. In here you are still everything I
remember. Even if I am on top of you, you're the one who is taking me.
I spill inside you and whisper your name, and it's me who submits.

Familiar feeling, delicious feeling. Some part of me aches for the pain...
Oh yes.
Here I am in control, as much as I want to be in control.
Always wanton in bed, there's no need for masks here
Pure being, pure essence of our souls.


Yours, brother.
Mine, brother.
For all time...

Inspiring fridgeporn:
I'd push you down
on our bed
running hands and mouth
over every inch of your body

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